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When setting up your account, we collect the information you provide through your onboarding form. We use these details to create and verify your account.

The only information we display on your account is information that is already publicly known. This includes details such as your ABN and logo. We’ll never disclose your number of employees or personal information to any third parties without your consent. We’ll never publish or share your payment details.

After a 0 days trial period, your Monthly Platform Plan will be charged monthly.
Your monthly fee is determined by your company's team size, and gives you access to our Company Giving plan, ongoing support and helps us develop our platform.

This subscription works based on your company’s team size and how much credit you’ve chosen to give each team member.
Once activated, your subscription will be charged monthly.

The credit you provide to your team allows them to give directly to causes they care about most — putting the giving power in their hand.

And don’t forget — you’re always in complete control. Logging into your management dashboard allows you to adjust, deactivate and reactivate your Company Giving Credit subscription at any time.

Little Phil Credit, or LPC for short, can be used to support any charity or campaign on our platform. It can cover a donation in full or be used as a booster if the supporter chooses to give more and increase their giving impact.

The credit you provide through your Company Giving Plan has a 14 day expiry period. If your team members do not spend their LPC, it will be given to a random cause on Little Phil.

I confirm that the information provided is accurate and I hereby authorise Little Phil to create an account and issue Little Phil Credit, where applicable, on behalf of the company named in this application.
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